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PC tortures an enemy by kicking him in the junk, DM changes his alignment from good to chaotic neutral.

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DM: Doom’s heavy armour is going to slow you down. Doom: CLANG CLANG CLANG CLANG. Medic: Is there anything we could do to quiet him down? DM: He could stop yelling “CLANG” while he walks.

Reminds me of our fighter and his heavy armor. Not even caring that he was clanking around he’s just walking around yelling about how stealth he is…. so from my hiding place in the shadows, I threw a hunk of moldy cheese at him.

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Look at these.  LOOK AT THEM.

Gaming furniture.  Made to ACTUALLY FACILITATE GAMING.

I need these in my future house.  For reasons.  

Check out these badasses and other mouthwateringly awesome geeky furniture at Geek Chic.

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